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Bags for Dads

The best gift to get the dad in your life for Father's Day is perhaps something that's both functional and cool. One gift option that fits as well in that category as it'll fit all Dad's essential stuff is a handsome and practical bag.

 If he's not on the bag bandwagon yet, he'll appreciate finally having a place to stow all those things he wants to bring with him when he's on the go. (And the special lady in his life will probably appreciate the end of him asking her to carry his wallet and keys, if she has a breath mint or aspirin...)

There are many different options of bags available to suit a variety of different likes and needs.

 The tote bag is the bag that most often replaces paper or plastic at the grocery store. Some are actually from a grocery store, with that store's name and logo on it, but they are also sold by numerous quality menswear retailers. They can vary in size considerably. With these versatile bags, some are the epitome of casual while others are more business casual. Just drop in what you need to carry- no separate compartments to unzip and search through. The tote bag has rugged origins- in 1944, LL Bean designed the Bean’s Ice Carrier, the forerunner to the modern tote bag. It was a bag made to carry giant blocks of ice from car to ice chest.

 The messenger bag is another extremely popular option, and maybe the most popular one in which to carry a laptop. They come in classy styles made out of leather, and in-materials like canvas that give a sportier or "techy" feel. Some will even term themselves as laptop bags and have a section especially designed for a laptop. They are great for urban living, since they are sleek for things like public transport while still tending to hold a lot, and since they go across the body, keep your possessions close to you. They adjust to ensure a comfortable fit, and are available in all sorts of styles and sizes.

Briefcases and the document bags are the more formal cousins of the hipper messenger bag. They are a staple in a business environment, and can really tie a professional man's image all together. Perhaps more than with any other bag, you'd be wise to consider an investment piece with either of these two. These practical, work-only bags lend an air of prestige to a man, as it's automatically understand that he's carrying very important information.

Backpacks needs no introduction, perfect even for the guy who isn't going to be carrying a bag everywhere he goes. If he loves camping or the gym or is going to school, a new backpack could be the perfect gift, sure to come in handy and be a vital part of his activity.

 Keep in mind the looks and functionality the man in question would prefer, and you'll have a happy dad when he opens his gift bag on Father's Day to find...another bag!


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