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Cheap Tote Bags For Bridesmaids: The Personalized Tote

     Cheap tote bags are practical yet unique bridesmaids gift idea. Unlike the bridesmaid dress, promotional tote bags can be used again, and it won't cost you a fortune.

     The average personalized tote bag is under $20. As bridesmaid gift ideas go, this is a steal. Just make sure you get their monograms right. Your next question should be whether initial monograms or name monograms work best for your bridesmaids.

     If you do not want to go to the trouble of doing a custom monogram, you can do personalized promotional tote bags that say Bridesmaids of [insert your name here]. If you have a wedding logo, that can also be imprinted on these promotional tote bags.

    When you opt for a monogramed or personalized logo, you can show your bridesmaids how much you know about them. For example, instead of getting the monograms in your wedding colors, you do it in their favorite color, or you can have dolphins framing their monogram, because they are in love with them. There are a million ways you can personalize cheap tote bags. You can go even bolder and do the whole tote in their favorite colors instead of yours. It's not like they will carry the tote around during your wedding. The totes can be regulated to the bridal room or their cars.

    On the other hand, promotional tote bags are for your convenience as well as theirs. You are the bride. Your wedding dress has no pockets and your cute little bridal clutch should not be loaded with your essentials. Cheap tote bags for your bridesmaids are your solution. They can carry your makeup, extra stockings if needed, etc., for you. In other words, take advantage of the maid part of their title. When your day is over, you can make up for your bridezilla ways by letting them have those cute one of a kind tote bags to take home.

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