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Using The Right Promotional Tote Bag to Promote Your Business

The tote bag is a common give-away item at conventions, trade shows and other events. The idea is to remind the person of the event and what he learned, to let others know about the occasions and to provide an item that can be of practical use in everyday life.
Now, there are considerations, including:
First, the demographics of the audience you want to reach based on the type of meeting or convention being held must be determined.
Is the tote bag intended to be something used in the future or just a reminder of the event?
How much do you want to pay for the bags and the cost of including the logo on the bag?
Are there practical uses for the bag in the average home or office?
Is the total cost of the promotional item within the budget of the event?

Often bigger is cheaper, but not as effective. Large canvass bags are good for collecting all the other items that might be distributed at a trade show or convention. However, such a bag might be demoted to some other household use after the meeting.

One of the most popular bags is the insulated lunch bags. People can use these in contrast to the brown bag for bringing their lunch to work. The insulation provides better protection to the food. The bags last longer and people see the logo every day. Thus the extra benefit of advertising gets wider play than the canvass bag that is used for taking books back and forth from the library. There is nothing wrong with that, but unless the bag has an outstanding appearance, it is not going to grab a lot of extra attention. If another type bag is used, it should come packed with pens, notepads, small flashlights, and other devices and items that when used will remind the person of the event where they got these little things.

The important thing is to know your audience. If most of the attendees work inside an office, then the insulated bag is helpful.
If a person has to move books, tools, papers or other items to different places, the canvass bag may be best, as long as the logo does not overpower the appearance of the bag. Take the time to examine your expected attendance and the work they do. This will help you decide the best tote bag for the event.

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