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How Promotional Tote Bags Bring Fast Conversions

While this marketing tool is one of the least expensive, it is also functional. Tote bags are often given away at trade shows, with sales transactions, or as a freebie but they have the potential to drive future sales. However, these only make money when noticed by the target demographic.

Whether a person is getting ready for a trade show or to use in daily operations, here are three ways to make promotional tote bags more effective:

• Use a quality material – If a bag is lightweight, and the items are heavy or it will be used in a trade show setting where visitors may consolidate bags, investing in a durable material won’t hurt. In this age of sustainable living, your company can send a message encouraging users to re-use tote as often as possible. If tote is intended for re-use, getting canvas tote bags with reinforced handles is recommended. Attention to detail should also apply to ink or screen printing, as it should not fade or chip with light use.

• Select a design that properly reflects the company image – Often repeated images or company logos are nice but can be costly. Choosing one or two of the company colors for text and logo is a good start. A new or re-branded company should list contact information along with the company purpose, or the problem it solves. Single use of a bright color may complement a dark text against a white or clear background.

• Determine bag size by its purpose – If the majority of sales are large items, get a bag that fits, not a bag that is large enough for other uses. Companies that sell small items often should use tote bags that fit perfectly, as bags that are too large can be a nuisance to some. Small tote bags can also be used to carry lunch or carry other small items. If it’s sturdy and decorative, it may have many future uses.

Another suggestion would be to look at competitor’s tote bag designs. Are their bags very large or offer a lot of depth? Does the tote fold into a compact that is easy to carry during light shopping trips? Do the bags have pockets, zip or snap enclosures? This is why knowing a demographic is important.

One final tip is to come up with a couple of designs that are easy for the average person to read at first sight. It may be tempting to go with an abstract or edgy design that incorporates text – or not. When a business is getting started or rebuilding itself, catching the eye and conveying a message is the key. Slogans, designs, and contact information should be centered on the bag’s surface. Getting both sides of tote bag is even better.While there may be more than three ways to make promotional tote bags more effective, it is up to the owner or marketing department to take a good look at its customers and the message to be conveyed.

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