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7 Ways to Use Your Tote Bags

Tote bags can be versatile. In addition to being versatile, they are fashionable. Most women have at least one in their house because they are very useful. You can use them for many different things. They are environment friendly so you are also helping our planet whenever you use these bags for any purposes.

Reusable grocery bags

Instead of putting your groceries in plastic bags that could get ripped, you can put them in the canvas tote bags. Tote bags are stronger than the plastic ones so they won't get ripped as easily. You can put quite a bit of your groceries in these bags depending on the bag size. Its' material is strong enough that you can hold a lot of your groceries without the ripping your tote bag. You can also save money by using these bags. Some stores will take a percentage off of your grocery bill if you use these bags instead of the plastic or paper ones.

Use at the mall

If you like to shop in different stores, cotton tote bags can come in handy. You can put different bags inside of them so you won't have as many bags to carry around the mall. The totes will make it easier to go around the stores and not have to worry about lugging around numerous bags to each store.

Use as a pocketbook

If you don't want to carry a purse or pocketbook, you can use these bags as a substitute. All of the stuff that fits in your purse or pocketbook will fit in these bags. In fact, you can fit even more items in them because they are bigger than a purse or a pocketbook. You can buy one that is fashionable and carry it all the time with you. Thieves may not think that you are carrying money in this bag the way they expect you to be carrying it in your pocketbook.

Use as a book bag

If you don't like to carry a book bag, you can carry your books, notebooks and even your laptop in a canvas tote bag. Depending on the size, you might even be able to fit your jacket in these bags if you don't feel like carrying it. You can get some of the weight off of your back by putting your things in tote bags.

Make a laptop bag

If you can find a bag with a zipper, then you are in luck. You can use the bag for your laptop. If you don't have a carrying case for your laptop, you can carry it in a tote. This will be a way to keep your laptop with you all the time. No one will notice that you are carrying your laptop in it and it can stay safe. A laptop bag alerts people that you are carrying a computer. Using a tote bag to carry your laptop is a perfect disguise.

Use to carry your luggage

Depending on the way how you travel, it is important to have the right size tote. If you are going by plane, you can put your stuff in a tote and you won't have to check it. This will keep you from losing your items since airports have a tendency of losing your luggage. You can keep the tote with you at all times and possibly avoid losing any of your personal items.

Gym bag

If you go to the gym and don't have a gym bag, you can use a tote. Your clothes will fit in the bag the same way they fit into a gym bag. In addition to clothes, you can put a bottle of water, a towel, or whatever else you want to put in the bag.

Tote bags can be a lifesaver. You can use them for many different things. They are so stylish that you can carry them whenever you want. After all, who needs a pocketbook when you can carry around a tote bag?

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